Three Top Auto Care Myths

There are many ideas floating around about taking care of your car and many are just auto care myths.   Servicing your car and keeping it well maintained is always a good idea.  If ever in doubt on what to do just consult your owner’s manual.  We’ll address our top three myths about your car below.

Oil changes

Myth You need to change your oil every 3,000 miles.

Reality: Although oil companies and quick-lube shops like to promote this idea, it’s usually not necessary. Most vehicles driven under normal conditions can go 7,500 miles or more between oil changes. Also, synthetic can go even further.

Try this instead: Go by the recommended oil-change schedule in your owner’s manual. “Years ago, it was a good idea to change your engine oil and oil filter frequently, says However, with advances in engine materials, as well as the oil that goes into engines, most manufacturers recommend intervals of 7,500 miles or more.


Preparing your car for the seasons

Myth: Special service is required to “summarize” or “winterize” your car.

Reality: There is not anything special that your car or truck needs to prepare it for winter or summer. The seasons’ change and your auto needs the same things all year long.

Try this instead: Always keep up with the scheduled maintenance. There is no seasonal maintenance. Besides, vehicles today come with a “long life” coolant that can last up to 100,000 miles. Of course, you always want to check your owner’s manual to see when the manufacturer recommends replacing the cooling fluid. Also of note, air conditioning systems don’t require to be recharged every year. Unless, of course, there is a leak or a problem with the system. If there is an issue with the cold air in your car’s AC system, it’s will usually take more than a Freon recharge to fix it.


Dealership vs private repair shop

Myth: You must have all your car’s regular maintenance done at the dealership to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid.

Reality: The work can be done at any trusted auto repair shop. As long as the maintenance items are performed according to the recommended schedule specified in the vehicle owner’s manual/

Try this instead: If you don’t have a trusted mechanic, ask co-workers or friends to recommend one. You can even do the work yourself if you have the tools and the knowledge. Keep accurate records and receipts to back you up in case of a warranty dispute. The only time you must take your car to a dealer is to have recall work performed.

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