What you need to know when buying new tires.

Buying new tires can be very expensive and having good information will make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Always do your research before showing up at the tire store or your mechanics. It will be less intimidating if you fist research then budget. The internet makes it easy to surf the sites of tire manufacturers to see which tire fits your need.

A poor choice will haunt you every driving day for the next three to six years. The wrong tires will pound your neck and can cause your beloved sporty car to handle worse than a pickup, or scare you witless when it rains. Plus, buying new rubber is intimidating for the unprepared: Tires appear identical. Each manufacturer claims all its tires are best in every area. Some will cost more than you’d budgeted, and newer vehicles require replacement elements for their tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

If You Were Happy With Your Old Tires

Do you like the way your car performs?  Then buy the same model you had. If you’re satisfied with your vehicle, go with tires that exactly match the original tires. If you think that your vehicle lacks traction in the rain try to remember how your car handled rain when it was new. If it handled well then you probably just have low tread depth and the same tires will work very well.

Not sure if you must replace your tires? There’s really no exact answer. You’ll want to keep an eye on the tire, check the tread, and check for any damage to the tire. There’s a manufactured date on the side of the tire that starts with “DOT.” The last four digits are the week, and year the tire was made. For example “0608” means the tire was built in the 6th week of 2008.)

You’ll also need to take the life of your tire into account. If you drive a sporty car, 20,000 miles is about all you will get out of your tires. Today, even conservative vehicles, crossovers, and sport utility vehicles boast horsepower once unmatched by ultrahigh-performance 4vehicles.

Also, safety, comfort, and entertainment features have added hundreds of pounds to the average car. Unleashing those extra horses—and stopping and turning all that weight—takes its toll on tires.

If your original equipment tires are not available, Britton will find you the most reasonable facsimiles. They will not duplicate your driving experience exactly, but merely having new tires can overcome the variations.

If You Want Something New

If you’re unhappy with the way your car handles there is hope! There’s hope for those who are unhappy with the way their car rides or handles. The trend of large-diameter wheels and low-profile tires has many accidental performance buyers complaining about ride comfort. A switch from ultrahigh-performance tires to those labeled “grand touring” or “touring” might soften the ride a bit. Check the consumer reviews at online tire sellers. Know that the change unavoidably will make handling less precise and reduce grip.

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