Be an expert with your car maintenance this winter!

Car Tips for Winter Car Maintenance


Winter car maintenance is what is needed if you are headed out to Flagstaff or California to do some skiing or just to let the family play in the snow?  Britton’s would like to share some expert car care tips from Consumer Reports that will help dramatically and keep you and your family safe.

One of the first things to consider when preparing your car for winter road conditions is your tires.  Tire pressure, tire rotation, and of course tire condition are all pertinent to a safe trip.  Cold winter temperatures can under-inflate tires, putting you at risk for a blowout.  Always check your owner’s manual or the driver’s side door well for the recommended PSI.  You will want to check your tire pressure when your car is cold because the heat and friction from driving might cause an inaccurate reading.

Another car maintenance tip for the winter is to always clear the snow and ice off your vehicle’s hood, roof, and windows before you drive.  “Your visibility will improve dramatically, and other drivers won’t have to dodge clumps of snow or ice that can become airborne as you speed down the highway,” says Jake Fisher, director of auto testing at Consumer Reports.

The safest car trips require patience and preparation. Drive carefully and set out early.  This will help your trip and your driving goes more smoothly.

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