What Your Diesel Mechanic Must Know!

Does your diesel mechanic have the mad skills to get the job done?

Diesel mechanic jobs require specific skills, not just an idea that anyone can do it.  If you want to check with the person working on your diesel truck here are some ideas of what to look for and what to ask.

Communication Skills

When your mechanic finds a problem can they tell you what the problem is and how to repair it in such a way that you can understand? Are they using complicated jargon with crazy prices? If your mechanic can’t explain things to you in layman’s terms, then you may need to find someone else who can.  There is nothing wrong with expecting to have your diesel mechanic tell you what is wrong and how to fix it in everyday language.

Comfort with Technology

Diesel mechanics are having to deal with changing technology all the time.  They must stay comfortable with using new ideas and keep up with the changes.  Talk to your mechanic to see if there’s anything new in the industry and how they best utilize these changes and innovations to best do their jobs. Also, you can ask if they are taking courses and training programs in diesel mechanics.

Electronic Skills

As technology continues to change, the amount of electronic equipment in the modern diesel engine is astounding. The contemporary diesel mechanic must be able to work with electrical components and even computer programs that monitor and run the engines on the machines they repair.

To excel as a diesel technician, they will need to know how to use diagnostic equipment for electronic systems. In addition, You will also need to know how to diagnose electrical problems and how to interpret the data for electronic diagnostic equipment.

Analytical and Math Skills

Strong analytic skills are needed to diagnose the problem with the diesel systems. Some mechanics think that the electrical diagnostics tools eliminate this need, but this is not true. Analytics is still vital because the diagnostic equipment sometimes gives a starting point.

Also, heavy equipment technicians do use math every single day. Mental math is helping your technician work more quickly as you calculate mileage and measurements. Being comfortable working with fractions, decimals, and necessary number calculations are crucial


All of the above skills go a long way with troubleshooting skills and helping mechanics repair engines and diagnose problems. Mechanics need to be able to look at the evidence, find the problem, and prepare and execute a solution.  Of course, adjusting the changes when the first line of thinking does not work.

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