Importance of Checking Your Headlights and Wipers

During your holiday travels make sure you always check at least two items before you go:  headlights and wipers.  Super easy to check but can be a nightmare if they aren’t working.  You don’t want to be driving at night and not be seen by other drivers.  Or not be able to see!!


If you have an older car, the headlights could be giving you far less visibility then you think.  Over time the plastic on the headlights can get clouded and scratched.  Even more so in Lake Havasu City, AZ where the sun is brutal to plastic.  The plastic can become so yellowed that they might emit only 20% from when you first bought the car.

“Driving at night with headlights that produce only 20 percent of the light they did when new, which is already subpar, is a risk drivers shouldn’t take,” says Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of automotive engineering and industry relations, “especially when there are convenient and inexpensive solutions that can dramatically improve lighting performance.”


AAAs findings reinforce the idea that car owners should routinely check the coating on their headlights and, if necessary, get them restored. Make sure that your lights are properly maintained and aimed.  A mis-aimed headlight can blind other drivers and reduce your ability to see the road.

Headlights are items that require inspection and replacement when they are worn out.  Your car or truck’s lighting system provides visibility for night driving.  As well as, signals and alerts other drivers and supplies light for viewing instruments and the vehicle’s interior. In addition to replacing nonfunctioning lights, you’ll also want to check out lights that are dimming or rapidly blinking.   Maintaining your car is about safety.  Making sure everything is in proper working order before you need it.


In order to maintain clear visibility while driving, the wiper system keeps excessive water, snow, and dirt from building up on the windshield. There are a lot of reasons why your wiper blades need to be replaced.  Contributing factors can be the frequency of use, the material of the blades, and the typical weather.  Sunshine is again an enemy of the wiper blade, deteriorated them more quickly.  Here in the desert, although they may not get used very much, the wiper blades should still get replaced annually because the sun eats away at the rubber. Also, don’t forget to check the rear window wiper blade too!

Keeping your vehicle’s lights cared for and periodically replace the wiper blades will ensure a safer ride. In fact, some state laws require the headlights to be on with the wipers.  By keeping both properly maintained you’ll never have to worry about your vision or others seeing you.

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