Truck Repair for Desert Driving

Trucks parked in the desert

Truck Repair for desert driving and preventive maintenance


The extreme weather of the Mohave Desert poses a danger and your truck repair must taken seriously, and all off-road vehicles. We have lots of roads that lead to remote areas with sometimes extreme conditions. Desert roads are particularly tricky, however. In the desert, the engine has a much higher likeliness of overheating that you may not be able to recognize from inside of the car.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of being stuck in the desert then it is important to act quickly and use everything at your disposal to get you and your car to safety. More importantly, it is crucial to take preventative truck care before even starting the engine to take that trip out into the wild.  Britton’s Auto, Truck and RV Center is here to make sure all your truck preventative maintenance is done well and thoroughly.  Our technicians will spot potential problem areas early, based on wear, helping keep you safe.  Britton’s takes your truck repair seriously so your truck will run well for many years to come.

Some items you always want to do before are:

  • Check the radiator fluid and oil.
  • Know your driving conditions. Check the weather in Mohave desert!  Flash flooding does happen and is dangerous.
  • Prepare for a tire change, practice jacking the car up and changing the tire if you never have before!
  • Let friends or family members know your travel schedule, plan your trip ahead of time.

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Keeping RV Hoses from Freezing

RV Repair Illustration of RV water hose attachment

How to Keep Your RV Water Hose from Freezing.


RV Repair 101: Most RVs are not made to get thru freezing temperatures. If you’re expecting a cold front to come thru, RVers can take careful measures to keep an RV water hose from freezing solid. The most prudent, common sense step to take when cold-weather camping is to prepare your fresh water tank by disconnecting from your water supply. For campers who plan on enduring lengthy cold spells, there are special insulation materials that will insulate and they are available at RV supply shops and hardware stores.

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For your information here’s a link to WikiHow: How to Keep Your RV Water Hose from Freezing.

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We have certified mechanics that can work on most automotive vehicles, domestic and imports.  All of this while providing competitive pricing and answers to your questions.

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Feeling the Summer Heat? Your Car Battery is Too

logoWhen is the most crucial time of year for battery maintenance?  Contrary to popular belief, summer highs rather than winter lows pose the greater threat to battery life, according to the non-profit Car Care Council. If the heat of summer is wearing you down, it is likely taking its toll on your car’s battery too.

You can avoid getting stranded in the desert by keeping your car battery working at peak performance.  This will also help avoid an expensive service/tow charge.   There are many things you can do to keep your battery in tip top shape just by spending 10 minutes giving your battery a checkup.  This is crucial for your auto repair and maintenance.

What you can do at home

Driving habits such as frequent engine on/off cycles will cause more wear on the starter than a simple back and forth to work. Other factors include driving and weather conditions, mileage, vehicle age and excessive electrical draws like in-vehicle entertainment systems. Check the battery if you notice headlights and interior lights dim, accessories that fail to operate, or the “check engine” and/or battery light illuminated. – Car Care Council

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