What is an Auto Repair Mechanic?

Your Auto Mechanic is Really a Technician in Disguise

A good auto repair mechanic (or technician) is a person that can work on a wide variety of automobile makes and models.  The mechanic can have a broad range of knowledge on a vehicle or even just within a specific area.  For instance, air conditioning or transmissions.  In auto technology there has been a lot of advancement and the knowledge has evolved from mechanical to more electronic.  The education needed for the technology of auto repair is constant now because vehicles today possess sophisticated computer systems that can change every year.

Auto repair mechanic’s central role when repairing cars is to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately. Often, mechanics must quote prices for their customers before starting work or after inspection by partially disassembling the vehicle to find the problem. Their job may involve the repair of a specific part or the replacement of one or more components as assemblies.

The complicated nature of auto technology has created a need for sophisticated diagnostic computers.  Each technician must understand and know how to operate these programs. Most dealerships and independent shops currently provide these technical workstations for their mechanics.  Without these tools, auto mechanics would be unable to repair or diagnose a vehicle.

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