Front-End Wheel Alignments in Lake Havasu City

Front end wheel alignment means that the way the front wheels are positioned relative to each other and to the vehicle. The state of your car’s wheel alignment depends on several factors: when one part is adjusted, the others have to be adjusted also. A front-end wheel alignment is best with equipment such as an alignment rack, which is housed in our shop.


Always have your vehicle’s alignment checked when:

  • Your vehicle has hit something, such as a curb, pothole or major road hazard.
  • You notice that your tires are wearing unevenly.
  • You experience steering or handling problems, such as:
  • Your vehicle pulls or drifts to one side or another.
  • Your steering wheel does not return easily after a turn.
  • Your steering wheel remains at an angle when driving in a straight line.
  • When you buy a new set of tires and want them to last as long as possible.
  • When you replace suspension or steering components.