Brakes Inspection and Repair in Lake Havasu City

The brake system is important for making sure your vehicle slows down when needed to maximize safety and help prevent accidents. It is important to know when there is a problem with your brakes.

With ASE Certified Mechanics on staff, Britton’s Auto Truck & RV Center can perform a brake service inspection for you. If you notice any brake symptoms bring your vehicle in for a brake inspection. We offer the finest automobile brake repair for the Lake Havasu City community at a competitive price, and have full services for your brakes, from replacing brake pads to brake lines, and repairing hydraulic ABS systems.

Common Brake Symptoms

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with us online for a brake inspection. Our team will offer the appropriate repair services needed for your vehicle.

Drag – Sticking Brakes

Your brakes stick or your engine appears to be losing power.

Automotive brakes may be failing to release – You may have no brakes at all.
Please make an appointment with Britton Auto Truck & RV Center for brakes service repair.

Ultrasensitive Brakes – Brakes Grab with the least Pressure

Brake Linings may be contaminated with grease/oil
There may be a Loose or Broken component in Vehicle

Pull – your vehicle pulls to one side when Pushing the brakes

Check your Tires – Could be low or uneven tire pressure. Britton Auto Truck & RV Center will check your tire pressure for free. May also be uneven tire wear – check front tires if wear and tear is even on both sides and replace both front tires.
Uneven Wheel Alignment – Check and adjust wheel alignment.
Bad steering components – Check tie rods and steering rack
Brake Caliper “Sticks” – Inspect brakes if they have uneven wear and tear or exhibit excessive heat.

Vibration to your Brake Pedal, Steering Wheel, or Entire Vehicle when you push the Brakes

Faulty Steering Mechanism or Loose Component – Check for loose components, tighten as needed. Check steering mechanism.
Disc Brake rotor may be warped – Inspect brake discs, replace as need

Hard Pedal – Brake Pedal requires harder pressure

Brake Caliper “Sticks” – Inspect brakes if they have uneven wear and tear or exhibit excessive heat.
Check power brake, calipers, wheel cylinders, hydraulic lines, or brake linings – Inspect these parts for damage. Replace as needed.

Red/Yellow Brake Dashboard Lights On

Red – could parking brake being on, low fluid, or even a hydraulic system failure.
Yellow – means your ABS system (Anti-Lock Brakes) has been deactivated. While your brakes should work, inspection should be performed for your safety.

Brakes Squeal when Applied

It is expected that brakes should operate with some noise with applied. However, when your brakes make excessive noises such as squealing, grinding, clattering or any of the like, it could be an important symptom.
Brakes may be worn – Inspect brakes and repair or replace as needed

Low Pedals – Brake Pedal is lower than Usual

Your brake pedal lately nearly touches the floorboard before the brakes begin to function, possibly activating the brake warning light.
The problem for this system could span from something as simple as a minor adjustment through and indication of a more serious automotive issue.