Suspension Service in Lake Havasu City

Your vehicle’s suspension is made up of a system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect your vehicle to its wheels. Suspension systems serve 2 interworking purposes: good handling and braking, and keeping the driver and passengers reasonably isolated from outside road noise and bumps. Tuning your suspension is important for good driving handling and comfort.

A vehicle’s suspension system coordinates friction between the tires and the surface of the road, allowing stable steering and good handling while driving. Shock absorbers and struts are important components of the complicated suspension system in your vehicle. Before replacing parts, we recommend that you check the mounting nuts and bolts to ensure that problems with your vehicle aren’t because of looseness.

Suspension Service in Lake Havasu City

Common Suspension Symptoms

Suspension Symptom: Pulling

Your Car pulls to One Side while Driving

Check your Tires – Could be low or uneven tire pressure. Britton Auto Truck & RV Center will check your tire pressure for free. May also be uneven tire wear – check front tires if wear and tear is even on both sides and replace both front tires.

Uneven Wheel Alignment – Check and adjust wheel alignment.
Bad steering components – Check tie rods and steering rack
Brake Caliper “Sticks” – Inspect brakes if they have uneven wear and tear or exhibit excessive heat.

Suspension Symptom: Porpoising

Car keeps bouncing/dipping after you go over a bump

Could be worn shocks or struts – may need to be replaced
Leaf Spring could be broken – check leaf springs and replace or repair as needed

Suspension Symptom: Clunking noises

You can feel knocks through the steering wheel when you drive over bumps on the road

Shocks or struts may be worn out – Replace as needed
Strut bearings may be worn – inspect strut bearings and replace as needed
Ball Joints may be worn – inspect ball joints for wear and replace as needed