Oil Changes, Tire Pressure, Transmission and More

Tune-Ups and Maintenance Services in Lake Havasu City

A tune-up is the process of automotive maintenance to make sure your vehicle runs at increased performance and reduced problems. We suggest that tune-ups should be done every two years or every 30,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Tune-ups may require replacing old parts to prevent major issues with your vehicle. Every vehicle needs a tune-up every so often to keep it running well in the long run.

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General Aspects of Tune-ups for your Vehicle

Oil and Lube – Replace Oil
Replacing the oil in the drive shaft, gearbox, and final drive. Lubrication may be applied to the pivot points and drive chain.

Replace Fluids – Oil Change, Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid

The motor oil, brake fluid, clutch fluid, and coolant are changed. The transmission fluid may also be flushed out

Electrical Adjustments – Spark Plugs, Battery Fluid
All tune-ups involve the spark plugs and wires being changed. The battery fluid may be filled, and the battery itself is inspectied. The entire charging system could be inspected in tune-up

Other Adjustments and Inspections
Adjust the valves, cam chain, drive grain, brakes throttle and clutch. Tire Pressure may be checked and corrected. All hoses and carburetion may be inspected, the cooling system and fuel system may be checked, and the air filter is replaced