Vehicle Maintenance and Packages

Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance in Lake Havasu Cityauto maintenance in lake havasu city

Britton’s Auto Truck & RV Center cares about your vehicle, and will give your vehicle the utmost care and time to ensure that your vehicle is in prime condition before you drive away. It is very important to stay current with your automotive maintenance – proper maintenance prevents future vehicle problems, which can be more expensive in the long haul than the costs for regular maintenance.

Maintenance Mileage Packages

At Britton’s Auto Truck & RV Center, keeping your vehicle in tip top condition is our prime goal. Check out our vehicle maintenance mileage packages, and start saving today!

Automotive Maintenance Tips

Helping Keep Your Vehicle and You Safe

Spark Plug Service: When this service is recommended you most certainly should do it. Spark Plugs are little devices inside the cylinder that take in high voltage and return a spark on the opposite end. This causes air and gas to mix and is what turns your car on! With time the metal between the device begines to burn off without regular inspection and when needed replacements your car may start to run poorly and misfire.

Coolant Service: Also known as antifreeze, is a fluid that absorbs heat from the engine then dissipates it through the radiator. Draining coolant is recommended and then refilling the system so that it does not break down over time in the hot enviornment.

Timing Belt Inspection: This is a very important aspect of a car. It is a rubber belt as known as the camshaft drive belt. Without this belt an engine cannot run as it opens and closes the valves. It is very important to inspect this and look for signs of wear like cracks or shredding and replace as needed.

Britton’s Auto Truck & RV Center offers daily specials
Take advantage of our daily specials for your automotive repair and maintenance service needs.

Service30,000 Mile Package60,000 Mile Package90,000 Mile Package
Oil ChangeXXX
Brake InspectionXXX
Ignition Tune UpXXX
Fluid Level CheckXXX
Filter ReplacementXXX
Tires & Wheel CheckXXX
Transmission ServiceXXX
Cooling System FlushXXX
Steering & SuspensionXXX